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We are a group of gardeners who live in Cambridge. We all specialise in different elements of the gardening profession. We’ve joined forces to create Cambridge Gardeners so that our clients gets an expert for each of their gardening needs.

Our gardeners include:-

Anthony & Tim

We specialise in hedge trimming and topiary. We have all manner of different hedge trimmers to reach even the hardest places. This is a physically demanding job and many of our clients just want us to take this burden away for them, which we’re all too happy to do.


Michael is our lawn mowing and treatment expert. He carries different mowers for different finishes so let us know if you’d like stripes in your lawn or not! There are numerous different types of lawn treatments and fertilisers on the market and we can help decide what course of action is best for your lawn, so just give us a call to arrange an appointment.


Adam is our tree man. He’s got more qualifications on this subject than anyone else we know. He’s got all the climbing equipment and saws etc., that you could possibly need. He also undertakes large tree planting schemes and is heavily into sustainability.


Lindsey is our Kitchen Gardener. She is brilliant at getting peoples allotments and vegetable patches under control. She’s got plenty of advice to dish out as she plants for you.


Garden design and plantsman. John has been designing gardens and managing large country estates for over 50 years. His keen eye for colour and knowledge of flowering times is second to none.


Paul is our landscaper. He works regularly with Anthony and Tim to undertake hard landscaping projects and erect structures. Formerly a builder, Paul has taken to landscaping like a duck to water.